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Directory of Related Links


•     Albert Haim’s Bix Beiderbecke Resource
•     Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers
•     America’s Finest City Dixieland Jazz Society
•     Benjamin Intartaglia’s Le Ragtime Francais
•     Benny Goodman’s 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert
•     Bill Egan’s Florence Mills Website
•     Bill Rowland’s Home Page
•     Butch Thompson on Piano
•     Cambridge Pianola Company
•     Chicago’s South Side Jazz Clubs
•     Colin D. MacDonald’s Ragtime Music
•     Dan Mouyard’s Ragtime & Stride Piano
•     Daniel Hardie’s Early Jazz History
•     Dave Littlefield’s Home Page
•     Dave Radlauer’s Jazz Rhythm
•     Duncan Schiedt’s Jazz in Black & White
•     Edward A. Berlin’s Website of Ragtime & Scholarship
•     Eric Holroyd’s Home Page
•     Fred Burnett’s Traditional Jazz Pages
•     Greenfield Bowie’s Piano Music
•     Hal Smith’s Website
•     Henry Crowder
•     Historic New Orleans Collection
•     Hot Jazz Saturday Night
•     Ian McLaughlin’s Player Piano Page
•     Jazzology
•     Jazz Roots
•     John P. Birchall’s Dixieland Jazz
•     John Farrell’s MIDI Website
•     John Goto’s ‘Dreams of Jelly Roll’ Page
•     John Roache’s Ragtime Piano MIDI Library
•     John Tuttle’s Player Care
•     Johnny’s Nickelodeon Music Rolls
•     Ken Mathieson’s Classic Jazz Orchestra
•     L. Douglas Henderson’s Artcraft Music Rolls

•     Mainspring Press
•     Mark Berresford Rare Records
•     Mechanical Music Digest
•     Mechanical Music Press
•     Mississippi Rag
•     Nauck’s Vintage Records
•     Northern Virginia Ragtime Society
•     ‘Perfessor’ Bill Edwards
•     PianoMania Music
•     Piano Rolls by Thomas Waller and “Fats” Waller
•     Player Piano Group
•     Potomac River Jazz Club
•     Preserving the Music of Yesterday
•     Presto History Page
•     Ragtime Press
•     Red Hot Jazz Archive
•     Red Hot Jazz Discussion Group
•     Reg Richings (ReStore)
•     Richard Trythall’s Home Page
•     Rose Leaf Ragtime Club
•     San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation
•     Shellwood Productions
•     Songs of Larry Conley
•     Sounds of Yesteryear
•     Swedish Ragtime Home Page
•     Ted Tjaden’s Classic Ragtime Piano
•     Terry Waldo’s Ragtime, Jazz & Blues
•     Thomas Fats Waller
•     Tradjazz Productions
•     VJM’s Jazz & Blues Mart
•     Warren Trachtman’s Ragtime MIDI Page
•     West Coast Ragtime Society
•     William Gottlieb’s Golden Age of Jazz
•     Wine and Jazz
•     Yestertunes

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