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Publicity photographs of Sidney de Paris

Sidney de Paris, brother of trombonist/bandleader Wilbur de Paris (1900-1973), was born in Crawfordsville, Indiana on 30th May 1903, not 1905, according to most other sources. [SSDI] He learned music from his father, also named Sidney, who was a bandmaster and schoolteacher, whom Mabel Bertrand (Morton) had worked for when he ran his own show. [OMJ 466] Sidney de Paris was a fine, versatile trumpeter, who regularly used mutes to good effect. He also performed on tuba, cornet, flugelhorn and vocals from time to time. He recorded with “Jelly-Roll Morton’s New Orleans Jazzmen” in September 1939. [NOJ] From 1947 until the 1960s, he worked in his brother’s band, which was heavily influenced by Morton’s music. The above publicity photographs are from this period. The band held a residency for over ten years at Jimmy Ryan’s on 52nd Street, New York. [DPB] Sidney de Paris suffered from much ill health during the last years of his life, but continued to work on and off until his death on 13th September 1967. [SDPO]  [BG 2]

Photographs courtesy of Don Rouse and The Potomac River Jazz Club

2009 Beale Riddle Estate

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