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Edward “Kid” Ory and Mutt Carey (partially hidden)
unknown venue 1940s

Edward “Kid” Ory was involved in the first commercially issued jazz recordings by an African-American band, when “Spikes’ Seven Pods of Pepper” recorded When You’re Alone Blues, Krooked Blues, That Sweet Something Dear and Maybe Some Day. Vocalist Roberta Dudley sang on the first two titles and Ruth Lee was the singer on the second coupling. They were accompanied by Mutt Carey (c): Edward “Kid” Ory (tb): Dink Johnson (cl): Fred Washington (p): Ed Garland (sb) and Ben Borders (d). Following the vocals, the band, as “Ory’s Sunshine Orchestra” recorded two instrumental numbers, Ory’s Creole Trombone and Society Blues. The six tunes were recorded at The Nordskog Record Company in Santa Monica, California in 1921. [NOR]

Edward “Kid” Ory, together with other highly-regarded band members of “Jelly-Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers”, recorded a number of classic jazz tunes for The Victor Talking Machine Company. The historic recordings took place in the ballroom of the Webster Hotel, Chicago on 15th and 21st September, and 16th December 1926. [RHP]

Photograph courtesy of Don Rouse and The Potomac River Jazz Club

2009 Beale Riddle Estate

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